Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist


Karen is a generous teacher. Throughout the training, she shared rich explanations and descriptions, modeled each aspect of the process, and offered clear feedback. Karen integrated a wide range of strategies that were both engaging and effective. By guiding me to examine the cards and perceive my own meanings, my understanding of the individual cards evolved in a very natural way. From very early sessions, I was practicing laying out and reading the cards. This helped reinforce the cards’ meanings, taught me how to handle and arrange the cards, and began to develop my confidence in “tuning in,” reading the symbols, and making connections.

I learned much more than I anticipated. I learned about the meanings and mechanics of reading, its spiritual and healing aspects, and I learned about the operations and opportunities of the field. While practicing doing 20-minute readings was very challenging, I’m grateful for the initial exposure to this practical skill. Karen created a safe, enjoyable atmosphere. She was extremely kind and patient and very responsive to my learning needs. Karen used humor and drew on her own experiences to help me feel comfortable and to enhance my understanding and comprehension. Throughout the class, I felt consistently nurtured and supported, especially when I experienced brief moments of feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Because of the extensive content of the course and the personal, sensitive themes it addresses and stirs, the atmosphere of reciprocal respect and caring that Karen fostered was both vital and powerful.

The class was simultaneously fun, challenging, and enlightening. The class experiences, handouts, discussions, and even a field trip came together to give me a very rich foundation in reading the symbols of the tarot. Karen covered a great deal of content in a thorough and engaging way. Her caring and encouragement contributed immensely to the experience. ​My intentions, goals, and expectations were far exceeded. I did not anticipate that, by the end of the course, I would not only have a working understanding of the symbols but that I would have started to build some self-assurance in my ability to connect and tune into my spiritual guides, teachers and mentors in order to participate in a healing process for others.

I also did not expect to learn so much about the field and its resources and opportunities and to make actual connections in my community. Also, Karen’s willingness to offer regular support for a brief transitional period is extremely generous and thoughtful. It demonstrates her commitment to this work and to fostering my growth as a reader and healer. ​It was lovely to be engaged in this collaborative, nurturing endeavor with Karen.

VickyA Tarot Graduate's Evaluation of the ClassJuly 2013