Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist

Readings & Healing Sessions

Karen is also available as a Speaker or Teacher on the subjects below.
Individual Sessions: $125, lasting approximately 1 hour
All sessions begin with a prayer invoking angels, ascended masters, and other spiritual beings.

Psychic Reading Using The Tarot

Combining the insights and the intuition of the Therapist with the Client’s ability to make wise choices, sessions can provide valuable direction and clarity on key issues and relationships.

Healing Session I

Working with crystals, sounds, music, and the auric field that surrounds the physical body, the therapist works slightly above the physical body, with occasional physical touch on the feet, hands, shoulders, and head. The session begins with a prayer invoking the highest spiritual beings to assist in gently releasing and realigning the body’s energy and, combined with a journey of the imagination, can lead to the healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and to accessing deep feelings of Peace and unconditional Love.

Healing Session II

During this session individually tailored to the Client and devoted to breathing & movement, the therapist guides the Client in breathing exercises and moving the body in stretches to expand and create more space in the body which leads to feeling more energetic, yet lighter, better, freer, and more at peace, thus enhancing greater serenity and well-being in the body/mind/emotion/spirit. This session, as with the others, can be repeated as often as necessary. The Client wears yoga or sports attire conducive to deep breathing and stretching.

Guided Meditation/Visualization

Beneficial in assisting the Client in achieving deep levels of peace and relaxation. Sessions can also be tailored to assist the Client in releasing negative habits (smoking, or eating disorders), phobias, anxiety, and depression.

Past Life Regression

The Client is guided to “another time, another place, another you” in order to understand a present life issue or pattern. Always interesting and unpredictable, a past life regression facilitates healing and empowerment as one’s perceptions and understanding are expanded and enlightened.


A rapid-acting spiritual psychotherapy dealing with painful emotional circumstances and events that have caused one to draw negative conclusions about oneself and others, and thus deals with issues of self-worth, past traumas, hurts, angers, etc. Ro-Hun Therapy is based on the cooperative effort of the Therapist and the Client who both enter the areas of blockage and faulty perceptions in order to understand, forgive self and others, release, and heal from the negative conditions which, until released, keep us locked into repeating negative patterns. The Ro-Hun method of psychotherapy eliminates blame, reprograms faulty patterns and perceptions, and reconnects the Client with his/her own natural vitality and intuitive wisdom, love, confidence, and strength. An energy-based method of healing, Ro-Hun uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the physical body to work simultaneously in integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life in a unique and powerful healing process. In a relaxed and slightly altered state of consciousness, the Therapist and the Client are in dialogue through most of the sessions.

Ro-Hun Cleanse

Consists of approximately one 1 & 1/2 hour session, and gives the Client an opportunity to experience Ro-Hun. $185.

Ro-Hun Purification

For in-depth clearing of all the major chakras; consists of three approximately 2 – 2 ½-hr. sessions. The Purification set of three sessions can be repeated, as needed. $600.

Ro-Hun Skim

Takes place after the Purification Sessions are completed and can be done at any later time as a follow-up session. As deeper issues emerge, the Client is better able to face aspects of self with greater directness. One 2 1/2-hour session until the Client is energetically ready to move into the deeper sessions of Shadow Purification. $200.

Ro-Hun Shadow Purification

To access and heal the deep core issues concerning one’s past abuse of power and also one’s feelings of separation, fear, and powerlessness. These sessions free the Client to heal the fears which block success and to express responsibly one’s own unique talents and abilities. As a result of these sessions, the Client shifts to a heightened level of awareness and love, and accepts himself/herself as a loving being with purpose and direction. Four 1 1/2- hour sessions within a period of 3-4 days ideally. $700.