Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist

Writer Di Chapman recounts her experience with Karen and the Tarot

Writer Di Chapman recounts her experience with Karen and the Tarot

Di Chapman writes for, among others, CBS Local Atlanta. A recent “Best Fortune Tellers in Atlanta” feature article profiled Karen and four other psychics. Chapman’s fuller experience included a Tarot reading with Karen. Her write-up about it is included below, with her permission.

The craft of Tarot Card reading goes back thousands of years, used by Dante and acknowledged by Jung, who said Tarot had its origins in profound patterns of the collective unconscious with access to potentials of increased awareness. Even W.B Yeats and T.S. Elliot were fluent in it.

I met Karen at a “psychic fair” in October 2013 sponsored by Carl Woodall’s Atlanta Metaphysical Center. Karen left a 20-year tenure as a university professor to become a full-time reader, spiritual teacher, and metaphysical healer who has taught courses since the 1980’s in Tarot Card reading. “It takes time and practice for those who feel called to learn this tool for helping others,” Karen says. “Tarot students must develop their own reading skills in their own respective ways while memorizing and, more importantly, learning to use their own intuitions in deciphering the meaning of the cards.”

Karen is also an intuitive psychic and healer, which is one of the things that drew her to the Tarot. As she reads my cards, she explains to me how they are meant to pull out of my mind what I already know about myself and my life, and what I have failed to admit or recognize. They hold valid messages, but I must couple them with my own intuition. “As a receiver of a Tarot Card reading, you must recognize your own free will and power. Readings only provide more insight and increased ability to make choices.”

Karen uses a card formation called the Celtic Cross to do my reading. As she lays down the cards, she interprets my “present, past, future, fears, hopes, expectations and the potential outcome of all of these.” I see her face respond to the cards she places in front of me, often times showing surprise or nodding knowingly, all the while explaining to me what the cards show.

“The cards show that you are on the verge of making a leap toward what you believe you’re here to do,” she tells me. “You just need to clear out stuff that is getting in your way, wrap up, and move on.” She is right on the money. I know exactly what she’s talking about.

Finally, out of the blue Karen looks at me and says, “May I ask you a question?” I assure her she can ask me anything. She proceeds to ask me directly about whether I have a specific health condition that she intuits about me. There has been no mention about health in our discussion or my reading.

“Yes, I have that condition and was diagnosed years ago,” I answer. “I also do everything medically to treat it so it doesn’t affect the quality of my life.” I’m amazed that this came to her.

I ask her how often I should do a Tarot reading. “The Tarot is here for you whenever you feel you need to consult it. Everyone is different. The cards will always reflect the present moment of where you are in life.”

I walk away fascinated, and with renewed hope about achieving my deeply felt purpose on the planet. I think I will do this again.