Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist


I had been suffering from kidney stone pain for many months and my suffering became so unbearable that I had to schedule surgery in February 2014 to have the stones removed. Then I saw Karen Thomson’s web page about spiritual healing, so I called her and made an appointment. My pain level was an 8 out of 10. Following a one-hour Tarot Reading with Karen, my pain was almost gone. On the day my surgery was scheduled, a couple of weeks after seeing Karen, it snowed in Atlanta and my surgery had to be postponed. I found that to be a strange coincidence. The next week I went to my doctor who took an x-ray before re-scheduling my surgery. My doctor was shocked at what he found. To his surprise, the kidney stones were almost gone. He then asked me if I had passed any stones, and I replied, ‘No.’

When I was in so much pain, every part of my life was negatively affected.

Two months later, I’m happy to report that the kidney stones have almost dissolved and I’m in very little pain. I’m overjoyed! Karen, I appreciate you. Thank you so much for all you have done.

Sgt. BellA Healing during a Tarot ReadingApril 2014

What an amazing reading I had with you.  After having an eye twitch for over a month, it was gone the very next day.  I found your words to be very comforting and was able to release the stressful thoughts that had taken root in my subconscious mind.  Here I am on day two and still no twitch.  Thank you for all of your healing energy.  I’m definitely ready to move forward with my life free of fear and drama.

Aba BaileyHealing during a Psychic Tarot ReadingApril 2014

Karen is a great inspiration to connecting with our Mind, Body and Spirit. She has inspired counting all my Blessings everyday. She has blessed my home and office to remove any negative energy. She has created great clarity and direction for my life. She has helped me get unstuck on life’s Journey. Karen is an inspiration to us all.

DonnaHome and Office Clearings and BlessingsWinter & Spring 2013

Very enjoyable!” “Very good class.” “This was a totally awesome course!” “I’ll take this course again in the near future. Loved it!” “Most enjoyable, very enlightening.” “Wonderful class!

KSU Continuing Education Class EvaluationsYoga and Meditation Class

Instructor very educated in this and many related fields.

KSU Continuing Education Class EvaluationsAn Exploration of Near Death Experiences

Class was wonderful. Can’t wait to take more.” “Let’s do a longer class and an Angels II.” “Please, another course on Angels, and lasting longer.” “It was worth the drive. A lot of preparation was done to present this class. It was a revelation.” “Karen is a wonderful instructor. I intend to take more classes from her.” “Wonderful class and exceptional instructor. Want extension of the class.” “Dr. Thomson is a lovely, warm, terrific teacher.

KSU Continuing Education Class EvaluationsAngels in Contemporary Life

I have recently completed Karen’s class on Tarot card reading. I found her instruction to be of the highest standard. She teaches the importance of the spiritual and physical preparation of the reader. Karen is extremely knowledgeable in the field of metaphysics, and I will remember her as my favorite instructor.

HaleyLearning to Read the TarotMarch 2014

Karen’s Tarot class was the jumping off point for me to continue learning and evolving. Karen’s warm personality and no-nonsense teaching style was just what I needed. Thanks so much!

Linda NoriegaLearning to Read the TarotNovember 2013

My reading with Karen was “right on”–helpful, insightful, and just what I needed to hear.

CatherineTarot ReadingFall 2013

Your reading was really wonderful, very affirming. You have a real gift. Thank you!

A Client at a Psychic FairTarot ReadingSeptember 2013

Last month you gave me such a beautiful reading, I thought I would treat myself to a reading from you again this month.

Another Client at a Psychic FairTarot ReadingOctober 2013

I had the delightful opportunity to have Tarot readings with several graduates of Karen Thomson’s Tarot reading certification class. Without exception, they were all well versed in interpretation of the cards, while at the same time maintaining the individuality and the uniqueness that each one of them brought to the process. They were all very genuinely interested in being as helpful as possible and took the trust placed in them by the client very seriously. Each one provided a useful and delightful experience. I had such a good time that I didn’t want to leave when time was up. Karen imbues her students with the same warmly focused, highly supportive energy that she brings to Tarot readings that she herself does with clients.

Marie K.On Karen's Tarot GraduatesOctober 2013

A Tarot reading from Karen Thomson is a not-to-be-missed experience. I’ve had readings from other people, but Karen brings something special to the process. She is intuitive, wise and exceptionally compassionate. You feel warmly supported as she beautifully balances practical interpretation with spiritual and emotional threads throughout the reading process. You leave a Tarot reading with Karen with new clarity and focus, whatever your situation might be. I recommend Karen without reservation.

Marie K.Tarot ReadingOctober 2013

Karen is an excellent teacher as she does have patience (with a smile) as a student fumbles through the learning process. She’s one of those teachers I couldn’t wait to see and I didn’t like saying good bye because I had so much enjoyment attending the class.  Also, when I left each class, I felt in my heart that I had “really”  learned some new tidbits of the tarot and would be so excited about that! (Other tarot classes hadn’t seemed to provide that clean path to learn the tarot.) Karen’s positive energy definitely raised my vibration so I became more curious and willing to learn. I look forward to being under her  scholastic wings again sometime.

Linda GrayTarot ClassMarch 2013

Karen Thomson is the best yoga teacher you could hope to have! I have been practicing yoga with Karen for three years now, and under her instruction, I have been able to do things that I could not do even when I was a child, such as touch my toes and sit in the lotus position. Karen is a kind, gentle, spiritual soul, which is why I chose to study yoga with her. I had not signed up for yoga earlier because I had heard of yoga classes that sounded like boot camp led by a tyrannical drill instructor on Parris Island during hot August. Instead, Karen’s yoga class is a joyful experience that benefits the body and the soul.

BarbaraYoga ClassesJune 2013

Karen was introduced to me by a mutual friend, and I had witnessed her perform a cleansing and blessing at my friend’s work place.  I was impressed and most importantly, I had an instant sense of trust and comfort with her — two very important characteristics for this type of work.  Upon getting into my new job as a director for a nonprofit organization, I knew I wanted to invite  Karen to work with us in cleansing and blessing our work space.  What struck me the most about Karen is that she is very sensitive to the needs of the client and will tweak her process as needed.  She is truly gifted in this work and since her first visit with us, we are already working better and stronger.

MariaSpace Clearing & BlessingMay 2013

I want to thank you for the enlightening reading yesterday!  You certainly provided valuable guidance, clarity, and direction to my current situation—it all made sense! You pulled everything together like pieces of a puzzle looking for a fit. It was truly an amazing experience!!!

Katharine S.Tarot ReadingAugust 2013

You’re the best teacher!

A Tarot Class StudentTarot ClassMarch 2013

Once again, Karen and her yoga classes were a life saver. Thanks for including her [as an instructor of early morning yoga classes at the week-long African Drumming and Dance Camp]. She is one of the main reasons I make it through camp.

A Grateful Yoga StudentYogaWildacres Retreat, North Carolina, May 2012

Why drive all the way from Ball Ground to Atlanta for yoga, friends have asked me. The reason, of course, is Karen Thomson, my yoga teacher. Karen not only explains and models perfect asanas with her amazingly strong and flexible body; she also is attentive to each of us, giving individual help as needed. She emphasizes that there is no competition in yoga, and that if you feel pain, stop. She leads us in breathing techniques, stressing their importance. Most important, perhaps, is that Karen establishes an atmosphere of calm and peace in her Buckhead Yoga Room. As we enter, Karen herself radiates peace and joy. Yoga can be hard work for some of us, so the meditations Karen leads during savasana are a delight we look forward to at the end of each class. Because she is a talented musician as well as one skilled in leading meditations, Karen uses a variety of techniques and sounds during savasana. There may be music or a guided visualization, or drumming or chimes and other sounds. I was surprised to learn that drumming, for example, could be an aid, a way into meditation. Karen’s understanding, her sense of humor, and her gentle way of helping each of us advance in the practice of yoga and meditation make every yoga class a special event of the week.

MaryYoga ClassesJune 2013

This was really bizarre! Your reading exactly described what I’m going through! Wow!! Ding, Ding, Ding!! Right on! That’s exactly what I’ve been going through! Thank you!!! You nailed it!!

AmyTarot ReadingSpring 2013

I think you provided a great environment for the Tarot class each time and good balance in introducing our previous week’s experiences, meditation to begin the class, and then moving into our learning about the cards.

I really loved the Tarot class and the way you’ve organized it. Starting with the major Arcanas and then the rest. I would have gone longer and would have paid more to continue on for 4 more weeks…

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with others! It’s been really nice to come across you and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. If I don’t go to Atlanta in the near future and visit for a reading I’ll schedule a phone reading.

All the best to you!

DanielaTarot ClassJuly 2013

I truly appreciate the insightful reading we had. It was quite an experience and much more comfortable than I imagined. You have a very special gift and I was fortunate that you shared it with me. I look forward to better days to come.

PhoenixTarot ReadingJuly 2013

Karen is a generous teacher. Throughout the training, she shared rich explanations and descriptions, modeled each aspect of the process, and offered clear feedback. Karen integrated a wide range of strategies that were both engaging and effective. By guiding me to examine the cards and perceive my own meanings, my understanding of the individual cards evolved in a very natural way. From very early sessions, I was practicing laying out and reading the cards. This helped reinforce the cards’ meanings, taught me how to handle and arrange the cards, and began to develop my confidence in “tuning in,” reading the symbols, and making connections.

I learned much more than I anticipated. I learned about the meanings and mechanics of reading, its spiritual and healing aspects, and I learned about the operations and opportunities of the field. While practicing doing 20-minute readings was very challenging, I’m grateful for the initial exposure to this practical skill. Karen created a safe, enjoyable atmosphere. She was extremely kind and patient and very responsive to my learning needs. Karen used humor and drew on her own experiences to help me feel comfortable and to enhance my understanding and comprehension. Throughout the class, I felt consistently nurtured and supported, especially when I experienced brief moments of feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Because of the extensive content of the course and the personal, sensitive themes it addresses and stirs, the atmosphere of reciprocal respect and caring that Karen fostered was both vital and powerful.

The class was simultaneously fun, challenging, and enlightening. The class experiences, handouts, discussions, and even a field trip came together to give me a very rich foundation in reading the symbols of the tarot. Karen covered a great deal of content in a thorough and engaging way. Her caring and encouragement contributed immensely to the experience. ​My intentions, goals, and expectations were far exceeded. I did not anticipate that, by the end of the course, I would not only have a working understanding of the symbols but that I would have started to build some self-assurance in my ability to connect and tune into my spiritual guides, teachers and mentors in order to participate in a healing process for others.

I also did not expect to learn so much about the field and its resources and opportunities and to make actual connections in my community. Also, Karen’s willingness to offer regular support for a brief transitional period is extremely generous and thoughtful. It demonstrates her commitment to this work and to fostering my growth as a reader and healer. ​It was lovely to be engaged in this collaborative, nurturing endeavor with Karen.

VickyA Tarot Graduate's Evaluation of the ClassJuly 2013

Karen, thank you for your reading. The reason I chose you for the reading was because we had no prior history. You had no information on me. I wanted to see what kind of infornmation I could be given from a new face. I was quite impressed! Everything you mentioned was relevant to things going on in my life at this time. You were really spot on! Thank you again.

Linda M.Client at a Psychic FairSpring 2013

I have been coming to Karen for over 25 years for her classes, readings, and healing sessions. No matter as to the distribution of the cards, positive or negative, the most important thing that Karen gives in all of her work—readings, classes, and healing sessions—is love, kindness, and a truthful assessment of life—past, present, and the immediate future. Her large dose of love and kindness gives through even the negative findings a reason to know that all will be well.

Marti BoydTarot Readings, Classes, Healing SessionsJanuary 2013

I have had many readings from many different psychics over the years, and I consider Karen to be one of the best by far. This was my 2nd reading with Karen and it was as good as my 1st reading with her, as anticipated. She was extremely accurate with amazing insight into people and situations. She also provided predicted time frames of events that coincide with future happenings. My husband recently lost his job, which was a complete shock and unexpected, and she picked right up on it and provided details along with time frames of when he could expect a new job. I felt very comforted, relieved with the helpful advice and information that she gave me, and left feeling very positive for my future even with the recent loss of my husband’s job. I highly recommend her to anyone and will continue to seek her for guidance. Thank you Karen for the positive boost of energy!!!!

Kristen K.Tarot ReadingSpring 2013

Karen is an inspired teacher and healer. Holding a Ph.D. in English literature, she taught college English for twenty-five years and during that time continued her education in yoga, the tarot, and healing through the energy body. Astute and intuitive in reading symbols in the tarot cards and Native American medicine cards and Angel cards, Karen brings her learning and wisdom to healing mind and body. Karen’s method is gentle and her results are amazing in the physical and metaphysical fields. A yoga practitioner and teacher for 40 years now, Karen understands how strength and flexibility bring vitality to mind and body. A teacher of metaphysics, she combines intellect and intuition to instruct and assist in healing. I have taken yoga classes with Karen since 1984 and I continue to study metaphysics with her in tarot reading workshops and in angel classes. I have experienced healings on the physical, mental, and spiritual level with Karen. She works always in light and love. When one enters her presence, the love envelops; after a session with her (yoga, a reading, or healing session), one discovers a calm and a peace to carry into life. Karen’s connection with the heavenly spheres is enhanced by her talent as a musician. She is an accomplished pianist, and the melodies resonate from her body and soul. I first met Karen in 1982. She is still my teacher and my inspiration. I am certain that anyone who comes to Karen to learn and to heal will be rewarded. What a blessing to have her with us as a healer and a teacher.

Dede Yow, Ph.D.Tarot Readings, Classes, HealingsJanuary 2013

During my last visit with you I released several things that I was carrying around in my energy field. It was not my intention to talk about them during our session; it was just what came up. And prior to our session, I had not realized these things were bothering me and pulling me down. By speaking to you about these things during our session, I was able to put them in their rightful place and release the negative thoughts and feelings that were background noise in my life. I have certainly enjoyed my new-found freedom and it has been four months now. I am so glad I looked you up and drove over from Alabama to Atlanta to meet with you. I remember how much the Ro-Hun Therapy that I had with you back in 2001 changed my life for the better, and I knew it was time for a follow-up session.

Walter G.Healing Session---Ro-Hun Therapy2009

Karen Thomson is a delight—a fabulous, warm and insightful woman who loves what she’s doing—teaching—and it shows. Her class was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. I’ll be back!

Happy StudentUniversity Continuing Education Class Evaluation1990's

My reading with Karen was THE most insightful reading I’ve had at the Psychic Fairs all year! Truly blessed to have met her!

R.B.Tarot ReadingWinter 2013

Karen has been my yoga instructor for over 10 years and, as long as she continues to instruct, I will continue to take her classes. My weekly class with Karen follows a loose routine of asanas, but there are always surprises. Either a classmate arrives with a special need, or Karen wants to try out something she herself has learned as a yoga student. Karen’s class is a wonderful balance of free spiritedness and groundedness. Karen’s Buckhead Yoga Room is one of Atlanta’s hidden treasures.

Nettie H.Yoga ClassesWinter 2013