Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist

Academic Work and Career

Karen views her work from 1970-1995 as a natural blending of an academic career with her metaphysical work. A Ph.D. in English, she earned the rank of full Professor of English teaching a variety of literature and composition courses in the college classroom. She served also as a college administrator in the roles of English Department Chair and Assistant to the Dean at Kennesaw State University. She holds the B.A. in English from Wesleyan College, the M.A. in English from the University of Georgia, and the Ph.D. in English from Georgia State University. After a successful career in the academic world, she left the university system in 1995 in order to pursue her passion for metaphysical work, piano performance, and the creative arts.

  • Faculty, Dalton Jr. College, 1973-1974
  • Faculty, Kennesaw State University, 1976-1995

Kennesaw State’s Freshman Seminar
Principles of Writing
Freshman Composition I
Freshman Composition II and Introduction to Literature
Literature of the Western World I
Literature of the Western World II
English Literature to 1800
English Literature after 1800
World Literature: the Ancient World to the 17th Century
American Literature before the Civil War
American Literature after the Civil War
The English Novel to 1900
Modern British Literature (1960-Present [1990’s])
Contemporary Literature (1960-Present [1990’s])
Vietnam War Film and Literature
Vietnam War Literature (Both Vietnam War classes had an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural focus and were team taught with a Communication professor)
Freshman Composition and Freshman Mathematics (Team taught with a Mathematics professor)
World Literature to 17th century and Philosophy (Team taught with a Philosophy professor)
Directed Study: Creative Writing–Poetry and Short Stories
Directed Study: Shakespeare’s Tragedies
Directed Study: Creative Writing Script: “Women in Vietnam”
Directed Study: Creative Writing Script: “A SOTA (Student over the Traditional Age) Student’s Return to College”