Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200

Metaphysical Reader, Healer, Teacher, Minister, Pianist

Imperfect Quotes

"There are seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck. Four suits of fourteen cards each, Swords, Cups, Coins, and Wands, and twenty-two picture cards called the major arcana, the big mysteries. Fay's mother told her she could learn these picture cards by associating them with people she knew, but it had taken nearly forty years to meet them all."- Marsha Norman, The Fortune Teller, 1987

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Karen M. Thomson - Metaphysical HealerMetaphysicalHealer.net is the online home of Karen Moore Thomson, metaphysical healer, reader and teacher. Learn about the types of readings, healing sessions, and classes Karen offers, and see what others say about her work.

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Karen Thomson leads workshop at Launch Your Vision Health & Wellness Fair

A psychic reader using the Tarot for nearly 40 years and a yoga teacher for 41 years, Karen Moore Thomson, Ph.D., RYT 200, has been selected by Wesleyan College as the 2015 “Distinguished Alumna in a Profession,” a designation which honors the multi-faceted nature of her life’s work. Holding a Ph.D. in English, Karen left a 20-year career in the academic world as a tenured full professor in order to work full-time in the field of spiritual awareness. Karen has taught yoga to hundreds of students and is certified as an Advanced Yoga Teacher. In addition, Karen is a healer, minister, and pianist and is the founder and director of The Center for Healing...

Fun with Yoga!

I discovered aerial yoga on our family vacation at Carillon in Panama City Beach, Florida to the delight of  several members of our family. The “Yoga Train” picture, taken by my husband, was created in class one morning, also the summer of 2014, in my studio “The Buckhead Yoga...

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